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Horni mlyn
Krtiny 37
679 05 Krtiny
ICO: 26584026

+420 516 439 050



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Full contact details

Horní mlýn
Křtiny 37
679 05 Křtiny
Czech Republic

ICO: 26584026

tel. +420 516 439 233
or +420 516 439 050

Bank account

e-Banka, a.s. Brno
Account No. 1318639001
Bank code: 2400
Our account is transparent.

How to get to The Upper Mill:

Detailed hiking map [scale 1:50 000, file size 836kB]

by bus from Brno (line 201), or from Vyškov (line 157)

by train departing from Brno, arriving to Adamov and then taking about 12 kilometres (7 1/2 miles) walk, passing the Býčí skála cave or about 8 kilometres (5 miles) walk via the village of Babice nad Svitavou. Or you can take bus from Adamov - line 157.

by bicycle from Brno. We recommend to go via Brno-Obrany, along the Svitava river to Bílovice nad Svitavou, continuing to Rícmanice, Kanice (note: do not turn left according to roadsigns pointing to Krtiny because that route is more hilly), Brezina. In Brezina turn left to Krtiny and after surpassing small hill and steep downhill you will have landed directly by The Upper Mill (the first house on the right hand side) [+- 20km or 12 1/2 miles]. You can take another nice ride through Josefovské údolí ("The Valley of Josefov") from Adamov. This route is much less hilly. In Krtiny by the church turn right in the direction to Brno and at the next junction 500 metres (1/4 miles) further you will have found your self standing opposite to the gate of The Upper Mill [12 km or 7 1/2 miles].

by car. If you are to arrive by car, we will enable to park it in the garden. We will appreciate if you let us know in advance, as the capacity of the garden is limited.

...or by any other means.

Public transport timetables
Timetable of bus line 201 [PDF] (Brno-Krtiny-Jedovnice)
Timetable of bus line 157 [PDF] (Adamov-Krtiny-Bukovinka-Vyškov)

The Upper Mill is located in a valley on the edge of the village of Krtiny, surrounded by woods. The village is known for its huge pilgrim church in baroque style from famous architect Santini. The Upper Mill can be found next to the open air swimming pool, just opposit to local saw-mill. We are sure you will appreciate this pool in hot weather in summer! The mill is a big three-storey building plus large loft hall, right in the middle of a large garden. Most of the building comprises of spacious halls with simple wooden ceilings and steep staircases.

Cold drinking water from the tap is available, utility water from garden well too. We have 2 showers with solar-warmed water, 2 composting toilets, 1 classical country toilet, 2 pots for children. In nice weather there is a garden shower available as well.

The surroundings of the mill is very pleasant, the garden borders with the forest. There is a sand-playground in the garden, swings and monkey bars for children. Inhabitants of the mill include 2 tom cats and a dog as well. The dog can be kept closed, if needed.

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