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Horni mlyn
Krtiny 37
679 05 Krtiny
ICO: 26584026

+420 516 439 050



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Life at The Upper Mill

Two families live in the old flourmill – The Upper Mill –. We organise many events ourselves and rent out the premises for the weekend or various extended events as well. Our aim is to gradually convert the mill in a nice and environmentally friendly place. In additon to the two private flats the mill comprises of large premises suitable for various events. These premises are only available in summer season, as there is no heating fitted. We strive to operate the house in environmentally friendly manner. We sort our waste, get hot water from solar panels, heat by burning wood from local forests, we are going to build reed-bed gray water treatment site and we use composting toilets. Organic vegetables and fruits are grown in the mill's garden, mostly for our private use but sometimes for events as well.

On the beginning of 2002 the two resident families set up the civic association Horni mlyn ("The Upper Mill"). Later on a few friends of ours came in. Under this name we organize various events - seminars, workshops, lectures, camps. General aim of these events is the endeavour to inspire other people to live a more full and eco-friendly life. If you wish you can read our statute (however, in Czech only).

So, who it is "The Upper Mill"?

Katka Jelínková - the only one born and bred in the area. She was born in Blansko, with ancestors in Bukovina and Krtiny. She studies nature conservation in Olomouc and joined local group of Friends of the Earth. Made a research on yew-trees in the Moravian Carst. Her imagery appeared in several magazines - The Seventh Generation (formerly The Last Generation), Veronika and The Literal Gazette. Her pictures are also on top covers of two books. Katka currently nurtures her three children - Jirka, Alenka and Klarka.

Petr "Gao" Jelínek - graduated in forestry at Mendel’s University in Brno. He has also got PhD in Ecology from the same university. Currently he teaches nature protection and tropical forestry there. He has been engaged in the non-governmental sector from early childhood, he even took part in demonstrations against invasion of Soviet troops in 1968 – in a pram. Later working in youth organization, after the Velvet Revolution in 1989 in boy scauts. From this there was only a small step towards conservation work. He spent his National Service working for campaign for conservation of tropical forests at Friends of the Earth, unfortunatelly without any particular success. After that he established forest conservation programme at the same NGO. Helped several local environmental organizations and actively supported the birth of the Czech Forest Stewardship Council certification. Under the Mendel’s University in Brno and UN he took part in several programmes in the tropics, worked voluntarilly for The Ladakh Project in northern India. He is striving to stop small project damaging the relics of diverse nature of Morava in administration conducts. In 2001 he proudly became a miller, but does not grind. Instead co-organizes the activities of The Upper Mill association.

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