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Horni mlyn
Krtiny 37
679 05 Krtiny
ICO: 26584026

+420 516 439 050



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Near the village of Ochoz, on the edge of Moravian Carst, a different forestry is carried out. No flat cuts are used, only natural renewal of broad leaves trees. Forester Sevcik is in charge of these woods. Help us support him in his struggle to manage the forest in natural way!

What is our aim?

All around the foresters are doing flat cuts and plant trees that do not belong to these places and nature does not want to have them there. We decided to help the forester that took the other way of doing things. He takes advantage of natural processes and grows a nice broad leaved forest.

How do we help?

Working weekends are devoted to replanting of broad leaved trees to places, which they would not reach otherwise. Other trees are protected from damage made by wild animals.

What you should take with you?

Make sure you have warm working clothes. If you have one, take a spade. We will definitively have 4-5 spare ones. If you want to stay over night in the mill in Krtiny, make sure you have your sleeping bag with you. Take food for the whole Saturday.

Where will we meet?

The bus from Brno departs at 9.16am on Saturday (from Brno-Stará Osada Terminal). You should get off on the stop “Ochoz u Brna – obecni urad”. We will arrive there a little bit earlier by bus from Krtiny. In case you want to stay over night in the mill, let us know in advance. Return from the event is completely up to you; there is a frequent bus service to Brno (service 201 – see section “Coming to us”).

The event is organized by Gao.

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