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Horni mlyn
Krtiny 37
679 05 Krtiny
ICO: 26584026

+420 516 439 050



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There is an old municipal cherry orchard covering several hectares of land. Taking into account the state of municipal treasury, the orchard is already for ages “kept” only by local youngsters, of course exclusively in harvest time. With the consent of Habruvka’s Major we strive to revitalize the orchard. We think it is of utmost importance to help to maintain fruit trees in the landscape in the times of uniform, chemically treated fruit in the shelves of supermarkets. These trees supply “goods” of very different quality.

What is our aim?

After we will have cleared the orchard from wild grown bushes we want to focus on care for the trees themselves (pruning, grafting). In collaboration with experts we would like to make an inventory of cherry varieties and perhaps conserve old local ones. We want to introduce other locally grown old varieties as well. Our intention is to enrich the orchard with another fruit trees as well.

Working in the orchard

Working weekends in the orchard take place usually from Friday’s evening till Sunday. You can arrive or leave any time you want. Accommodation is in The Upper Mill in Krtiny in own sleeping bags on our matresses. Do not forget to take suitable (warm) working clothing, working gloves and tools for tree pruning (a pruning saw, big ... etc.). If you haven’t got the tools, do not worry. We can provide you with some. Note that you should have some snack to eat in the orchard, evening meal will be provided at The Upper Mill.

We will meet in the orchard in Habruvka anytime after 10am on Saturday. If you do not know how to get there, come to The Upper Mill before 9.30 am (see contact how to get there) or on Friday night.

Event is organized by Karel Polanecky and Darek Galle (phone Darek: +420 516 439 077).

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